Fungsi IYRES

  • Serves as a national youth development research center;
  • Collect, manage and disseminate information and maintain records of all relevant matters relating to youth development;
  • Conduct, facilitate or fund research pertaining to youth development;
  • Provide technical, advisory, legislative and related services with respect to the development of youth;
  • Establish and maintain relations and cooperations with other relevant institutions in and outside Malaysia for the purpose of enhancing youth development;
  • Analyze, evaluate and make recommendations on youth activities organized by youth organizations, governments, non-governmental organizations or any other private sector organizations;
  • Conducting educational and awareness programs to promote youth development;
  • To cooperate, coordinate and participate in youth development programs or activities related to research conducted by national or international organization;

  • To perform any other matters that is seen beneficial that enables it to perform functions effectively or which are incidental to the performance of its functions.