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Message From The Chief Executive Officer Of IYRES (CEO)

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In year 2021, the Institute for Youth Research (IYRES) has set new targets in line with the main objectives and primary goals of the institute based on the current situation. Although we are still dealing with Covid-19 pandemic, IYRES has continued its role as a highly reputable youth development research institute nationally and internationally.

Youths aged between 15 to 30 years old make up almost one third of the total population in Malaysia with 10.02 million people and they are the future of the nation. Nowadays, Malaysian youths face several challenges such as self-development or their surroundings. These challenges have appeared twofold especially post Covid-19. The Malaysian Youth Policy (DBM) has outlined four existing youth challenges such as political, economic, social, and technological aspects encountered by youths in Malaysia.  

Therefore, IYRES is determined to continuously conduct studies related to the four challenges encountered by youths. Other than IYRES’s two main studies such as the Malaysia Youth Index (IBM) and Malaysian Sports Culture Index (IBSM), IYRES also conducted the Inability of Youth to Compete in the Economic Sector study to identify the needs and wants of youths nowadays. Additionally, IYRES have currently conducted several studies such as The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Youth Entrepreneurs, Vote18, and Care for Your Youth so that the implementation of policy formulation is guided in accordance to the current and prospect youths’ needs and wants. 

IYRES’s capability to remain as pioneer in youth development research in Malaysia has gained attention not only from within the Ministries, Departments, and Government Agencies, in fact, IYRES’s research findings are often referred by international bodies in the past such as UNICEF and World Bank Malaysia, currently the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS) have referred to IYRES’s data bank. Through the dissemination of data generated through studies, IYRES intends that these data and information are referred by youth stakeholders from various sectors in planning for impactful programs and initiatives for Malaysian youth development.

Therefore, IYRES welcomes any organisations that are interested in collaborating with us through active involvements in research and related activities in hope to enhance the quality and well-being of youth in Malaysia. As a final point, I hope that after a year of post Covid-19 challenges, all initiatives will be mobilised collectively by the 10 implementer groups at all levels for the future of Malaysian youth. 







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